To streamline the project review process and connect your Google Drive account to Oroson. By using this integration, you can seamlessly upload and import files, documents, slides, and more directly from Google Drive to a project in Oroson.

In this article, you will learn:

  1. Why you would want to integrate with Google Drive

  2. How to integrate with Google Drive

  3. What assets you can import from Google Drive

  4. How Oroson handles integrating live documents from Google

Why would you want to integrate Google Drive with Oroson?

By integrating Google Drive with Oroson, your team can import any documents, sheets, or slides that you’re currently working on. Also, you can import files that are stored on your drive.

By importing live documents, you can get feedback on the latest version and work on the feedback given without interrupting the review process.

Furthermore, you can continue to use your company’s Google Drive to store all files from videos to images but you can use Oroson in parallel to get feedback.

How to integrate Google Drive with Oroson?

Teammates can only connect Google Drive to their own Oroson account. To connect your Google Drive to Oroson, follow these steps:

  1. Go to a project

  2. Select add an item

  3. Select Google Drive

  4. Select “Connect Account”

  5. Log into Google and authorize the connection

  6. Now, you can import files to Oroson

Once connected, you can import files on your drive and any shared drives.

What can I import to Oroson from Google Drive?

With the Google Drive - Oroson connection, you can essentially upload any files or live documents to Oroson.

You can import:

✅ Files stored on Google Drive

While Oroson accepts all files, only accepted files will be viewable on the platform. Other files will be downloadable from the portal.

✅ Live / Workings Documents in Google

✅ Google Docs

✅ Google Sheets

✅ Google Slides

By importing any live documents into Oroson from Google Drive, you can get feedback and work on the feedback without the reviewer seeing the internal work you’re doing.

Do reviewers see realtime changes and updates as they are made to live documents?

When you import a Google Document, Sheet, or Slide to Oroson, it becomes a stagnant file in Oroson meaning that it will only import the latest version of a live document or the file. Any changes or updates that you make to the file will not be visible in Oroson. This allows you to continue working on the document in Google Drive with your internal team without notifying your reviewers.

To present the latest document with changes, you can upload a new version of the file.

How to upload a new version of a file on Google Drive?

When you’re ready to share a new version of a document, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Go to the project where you want to upload the new version

  2. Select the ‘+’ to add a new item

  3. Select Google Drive

  4. Click on the share icon in the top right-hand corner

  5. Enable the project to be shared with a share-link

  6. Copy the share-link

  7. Open the share-link in an incognito browser

Pro-tip: You can create groups to showcase different versions of the same file.

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