You can collate files and items on your project into a group. Groups help your project remain organized and help enhance your workflow. You can also have conversations with other project members on a group level to keep conversations clear and concise.

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Reasons to Create Groups

Oroson users have numerous reasons to create groups. When creating groups, it’s important to consider why you’re consolidating these items together. Some common reasons users groups items are:

  • Version Control - When you want to show how an item has changed overtime and the reasons why the item has adapted, creating a group with all past versions and their comment history is helpful.

  • Showcasing alternatives - When an item has multiple options, such as language or color variation, creating a group with all alternatives can be useful.

  • Related items - When items are closely related, for instance a text document and related images, a group could be helpful with presenting your thoughts.

  • Client attachments - A group can be created to house client files.

These are just a few examples of how Oroson users are using groups on the project. However, the possibilities with groups are endless.

Create A Group

When creating a group on Oroson, you have a couple of options. We will cover both of those options in this section:

  1. Drag and Drop
    You can create a new group by dragging and dropping one item on top of another item. Once the + appears, you can drop the item and a group will automatically be created.

2. Create a group to add items later
You can create a group without adding items by clicking on the “+” within a section and selecting ‘Group.’

Add Items to an Existing Group

To add items to an existing group, you have a couple of options. We will cover both of those options in this sections:

  1. Add an existing item to a group
    You can add items to an existing group by dragging and dropping those items into the group.

  2. Add a new item to a group
    You can add or create items within a group by clicking into the group and selecting the ‘+.’ You can then decide on what file you’d like to upload or create a new item.

Commenting on Groups

One of the immense benefits of groups is that your teammates and guests can have conversations not only on the files within a group, but also on the group as a whole. When you click into a group, the conversation panel will also open on the right side of the group. Your team will be able to converse with each other regarding all assets to make clear decisions.

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