Annotating can help you be more specific when leaving feedback on a file. With Oroson, you can draw or highlight on any uploaded document and visual asset (videos, images, documents, and HTML5 banners).

In this article, you will learn how to:

Marking-up a file

When you are ready to give clarity to a comment with annotations, you can simply drop a pin and select the annotation type in the top left of the file. Once you leave the annotation, select ‘Post Comment’ to save your feedback.

Types of Annotations

When annotating, you have different options to choose from:

✅ Highlighting

✅ Freehand drawing

✅ Drawing a circle

✅ Drawing a rectangle

✅ Drawing an arrow

You can select on any of these options on top left of the rendered file. You can also leave multiple annotations on one comment to be very specific.

Updating the line weight or color

After you choose the type of annotation, you can also update the line weight and color in the top right.

For colors, you can choose a color that stands out or even designate certain colors to unique teammates so you easily distinguish who left which comment.

Reviewing comments with annotations

When you first go into a file, you will see all the annotations. You can easily hide all mark-ups by using the pin toggle in the bottom left corner of the rendered file.

If a comment has annotations, you will be able to see the types of annotations that are associated with it in the comment box:

If you’d like to view only one annotation, you can select that specific comment within the comment section. You will then be taken directly to that comment and you will also see the associated annotations.

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