When you want to create a carbon copy an item or section you can do so by using the 'Copying Feature.' Copying an item or section to a different project will create visual renders of those items on the project without their associated comments. The copied items and their associated comments will continue to remain on the original project.

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Why would you like to copy an item or section?

There are many reasons people would like to copy items or sections to different projects, but the two most common reasons are:

  1. Having separate internal vs external projects - You might a have projects that share assets but you would like to keep privacy between the two groups of project collaborators. Being able to copy the items and add them to a different project means you will save time not having to re-upload the items manually.

  2. Storing final deliverables - Once a project is complete, you might want to have one project where you add all the final deliverables without the associated comments.

Copying an item or section

When you would like to create a carbon copy of an item or section, you can easily do so by following these steps:

  1. Select the settings gear next to the section header or to the bottom right of an item

  2. Select the option 'Copy Item' or 'Copy Section'

  3. Choose the project / section where you'd like the item or section to be moved to

  4. Select 'Copy & Finished'

Here's a quick video on how to copy:

What happens to the copied item or section

When an item or section is copied, it create a carbon copy of all the items. When you copy any thing from on project to another, this things happen:

✅ The original file keeps the associated comments on the original project

❌ The copied file has no comments on the new project

✅ When downloading either the original or copied item, you will download the raw file which was originally uploaded

✅ When copying a file, no project teammates that commented on the original item(s) will be added to new project

Differences between moving and copying items or sections

When you choose between copying or moving items/sections between projects, it is crucial you know the difference since they have different implications.




❌ Comments do not get moved to the new project

✅ Comments will get moved to the new project

Reviewers / Commenters

❌ Project collaborators that commented on the copied item will not be moved to the new project

✅ Project collaborators that commented on the copied item will be moved to the new project

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