By using Private content, your team can upload items that are only visible to teammates. Workspace Teammates are then also able to have private conversations on those items without their guests' knowledge.

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Why would you use private items?

There are many reasons why you would choose to use private items and comments. But the most common reason is:

  • Internal Review Rounds: Before sending an item to a guest, typically teammates want to review the item internally. By having everything in one project, teammates can remain vigilant and organized.

  • Teammates can comment internally on an item, before responding to clients.

How to review which items on a project are private?

Private team-only items are internal items that are only visible to the teammates of a workspace, even if they are on a project shared with external guests. Furthermore, any comments added to a private item will be an private comment

You can easily see which items are private team-on items by the crossed-out eye symbol, on the bottom right of an item:

Two ways to create private team-only items are:

  1. When uploading the item - When uploading a file to Oroson, you will be prompted to choose whether you’d like to make these team-only or visible to everyone.

  2. Converting the item's visibility from everyone to private - After an item has been added, you can change the visibility status of the item from being public to team-only (or vice-versa) with the settings gear. Any comments, made by Guests or Teammates, will be set to private team-only.

What happens when a private item becomes available for everyone?

When you change the visibility of an item from Teammates only to Everyone, all comments will remain private. This includes any comments that were initially for everyone, even if they were created by a guest.

Any teammate with the project permission ‘Can Comment and Manage’ or higher is able to convert any comment to everyone from team-only.

Ensuring guests can’t see private items

If you’re concerned that a guest could potentially see your team’s private items, you can easily review the project permissions. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the project

  2. Select the bubble with your avatar in the top right corner

  3. Review all project members

All teammates and auto-invited teammates will be able to view private team-only items. If you’d like to switch a teammate to a guest, you can do so within the Workspace Member Settings.

How to create a private comment?

Private team-only comments are internal comments that are only visible to the teammates of a workspace. A team-only comment will be shown with a crossed-out eye symbol, as seen below:

To create a private team-only comment, you can use the dropdown within the comment box and switch from ‘Everyone’ to ‘Team-Only’:

Enabling private content for a workspace or project

Private content can be enabled at the workspace level via workspace settings or for each individual project.

To manage private content settings on your workspace, follow these steps:

  1. Select the three lines in the top left corner

  2. Select “Workspace settings” in the bottom left

  3. Select “Private content”

To manage private content settings on a project, follow these steps:

  1. Select the settings icon at the top right of the project

  2. Select “Private content”

  3. Choose to override the default workspace settings for the project

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